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Applicant testimonials

Proud NEW US Citizens

These are some of the applicants who took our live mock interview sessions and passed their US naturalization interviews. Most of them were not very confident before the sessions and some of them didn't speak English very well. However, with our help and their hard work, they were able to achieve the American dream and became US citizens.
We are very proud of them and want to congratulate every one of them. 
So, if you need any help to prepare for your big day, sign up a mock interview session with us!
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Erika G.

Good afternoon Officer Lee: I’m so happy for my U.S citizenship process. I want to tell you about my interview, so you know it was combo because I had I 751 pending, the officer made some questions  to my husband about my children, the most important was when you suggested me to take the car insurance, because that document wasn’t in my list of papers to take to my interview, and can you believe that was the only thing that officer asked me for? I only can you tell thank you with whole my heart!. Ok, then my husband gone to the office, and the officer only ask my marriage date, my birthday and how old were my stepchildren, then he made me the civics question, I told him the six correctly, then make read aloud “ who elects congress” , and then I wrote “ The People elect Congress”. After that have you ever question no definitions, then the final part, of the willing to question and that’s it. But I had and my mine, waiting after of “ following “. I think was easier because you and Mrs Smith, help me a lot. Because in the beginning I was lost, but you and Mrs Smith, guided me. Thank again you two are really angels. Have a wonderful day.
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Michael B.

Thanks so much for taking time with me. The mock interview was incredibly helpful and I felt it set me up for success.
Firstly, I was successful. The officer was not very friendly to begin with, there was no small talk about the weather or traffic or anything. Even before I sat down, he asked me to raise my hand and take the oath. Then I sat down, and I hadn’t even placed my coat on the other chair when he promptly said “let’s begin with the civics section” and then asked the first question as I was getting settled. He only asked 6, and then stopped because I got all of them correct. 
Then the reading and writing took place.
Then we went on to the travel section (which is why I got in contact with you). He was very interested in my documentation and explanation for being out of the country for 12 months, but was satisfied when I produced utility bills, mortgage statements and pay stubs for the year from Chicago. He scanned all of these documents. 
He then asked about all the trips I’d taken since making application and nothing about the trips from the past five years. 
Then is was the usual questions. 
Then he lightened up a bit and told me I was successful. The entire thing took no more than 20 mins. Thanks again for your help!
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Chen. A

Thank you! 
The interview was very similar  to the mock interview we did together, 
The officer  asked me to read “Who lives in the White House?” 
And to write “the president lives in the White House”
I brought the documents that you told me and came ready! I got lucky and the ceremony was the same day! I don’t  know if I would have passed the interview without you! 😀 
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Christopher. F

Thanks to your great preparation work, I passed the test 100%. ( even before breakfast :)
The USCIS officer was real nice to me and my lawyer.
Only 20 min. wait. I did not change my name, so the ceremony was same day with only 3 people.
With a name change, he said, I would have to wait until sometime in the summer for the ceremony.
So all perfect.
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Ekaterina M.

 I passed my interview yeeeeeaah!, just want to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH! for all tips and for the experience that I had with your program, it helps a lot for me. On the writing part, the officer gave me the same sentence as the mock interview, I was in shock.
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George I.

I'm so happy!!!
I'm U.S. Citizen!
Thank you very very much!!!
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Jayashree A.

It was very professionally done. The officer asked all the pertinent questions and also provided feedback. Which definitely helped.
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Delquen T.

I loved the fact that the interview followed the same format as the real USCIS interview. I also loved that my interviewer answered and explain all the questions I had.
Marcio Mengue_edited.jpg
5 stars.png

Marc M.

Thank you so much for this GREAT GROUP and Ashley from @UsCitizenShipTest for the Help… I’m officially an American Citizen!!!
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Asmaa S.

He act like if we were in real interview.
I liked that!
I think everything was perfect.
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Efren D.

Thank you, for what you do!
Efren has got his citizen ship 4/7,
the mock interviews helped a lot!
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Yen Yun C.

I passed the citizen interview today! Awaiting oath Thank you very much for your help and handouts!
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Mark S.

You made sure I had all the correct documents and made me feel ready and calm.
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Catherine G.

Thanks! I passed my exam. It was exactly as the mock interview you did. I'm so happy!
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Mark S.

5 stars to you guys! Thank you! The YouTube videos and the mock interview were really helpful!
Alexandra Melo saldana.jpg
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Alexandra M.S.

The officer challenged me with definitions and different ways to ask questions of the "have you ever".
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Alexis S.

It prepared me for the real interview and helped me with my nerve. I was able to ask all the questions I wasn’t sure about. I appreciate the service so much
Huong Vu.jpg
5 stars.png

Huong V.

Mock interview is almost like a real interview.
Genilce Stiller.jpg
5 stars.png

Genilce S.

It makes me add documents I thought was not required.
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Francisco G.

I like that I can practice and be familiar with all the process,
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